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Functional PUMP: 20 Minute Kettlebell HIIT Circuit for Total Body Fitness

Posted by Jay Maryniak on
Functional PUMP: 20 Minute Kettlebell HIIT Circuit for Total Body Fitness

Are you looking for a challenging and efficient workout that will target your entire body?

This 20-minute functional pump kettlebell HIIT circuit is designed to help you gain functional strength, build muscle mass, and shred body fat.

All you need is one or two pairs of kettlebells and the motivation to push yourself to the limit. 

The Workout

This workout consists of two circuits: Circuit A and Circuit B.

Each circuit has five exercises that you will perform for 40 seconds, followed by a 20-second rest.

You will complete two sets of each circuit, with a 60-second rest between the two circuits.

Circuit A Exercises:

  1. Suitcase Deadlift
  2. Single Arm Shoulder Press
  3. Pendulum Lunges
  4. Gorilla Rows
  5. Squat Clean Thruster

Circuit B Exercises:

  1. Push-Up to Renegade Row
  2. Goblet Squat
  3. Hollow Floor Press
  4. Burpee Sumo Deadlift
  5. Hollow Body Flutter Kick

Workout Tips

Before starting the workout, make sure to warm up properly.

A full-body warm-up is essential to prevent injuries and ensure you get the most out of the workout.

Additionally, you can modify the intensity of the workout by using lighter weights or increasing the weight to make it more challenging.

Always focus on maintaining excellent technique and bringing intensity to the exercises.


This 20-minute kettlebell HIIT circuit is a fantastic way to work your entire body and improve your functional strength.

Give it a try and push yourself to get the best results.

Remember, you can always adjust the intensity by changing the weights or modifying the exercises to suit your fitness level.

So, grab your kettlebells and get ready to pump up your functional fitness!

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