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5 Explosive Push-Up Variations for Unmatched Strength and Power

Posted by Jay Maryniak on
5 Explosive Push-Up Variations for Unmatched Strength and Power

 In this blog post, we will cover five explosive push-up variations that will help you develop explosive strength and power in your upper body.

These exercises have been adapted from my latest YouTube video 5 EXPLOSIVE Push Ups that build explosive STRENGTH and POWER.

1. Explosive Plate Push-Ups

This push-up variation focuses on building upper body explosive strength and power. Start with low plates and increase height as you master the technique.

  • Set up plates about 18 inches apart
  • Start in a strong push-up position, shoulders over wrists
  • Lower with control, lightly touch your chest to the ground
  • Explode up onto the plates, focusing on using your upper body strength, not your hips

2. Explosive Push-Up to Single Arm Plank

This advanced variation works on coordination, explosiveness, core stability, and shoulder stability.

  • Start with a sturdy kettlebell in push-up position
  • Lower your chest to the ground, then explode up into a single-arm plank with one hand on the kettlebell
  • Keep your core tight and hips parallel to the floor
  • Step down, reset, and repeat on the other side

3. Superman Push-Up

This advanced exercise builds explosive strength and power while focusing on proper form.

  • Start in a strong push-up position, shoulders over wrists
  • Lower down, extending your arms out as you go
  • Be explosive, shooting your arms out and pulling them back under your body quickly
  • Avoid using your hips and focus on keeping your core tight

Progressions for the Superman Push-Up:

  1. Regular explosive push-up
  2. Clap push-up
  3. Chest tap push-up
  4. Partial range of motion Superman push-up, gradually increasing the range

4. Blast Off Push-Ups

This variation is great for building upper body strength, power, and explosiveness, as well as eccentric loading.

  • Start in a bear plank position, shoulders over wrists and knees hovering off the ground
  • Blast off into the push-up, lowering down with control
  • Absorb the force, then explode out of the bottom of the push-up back to the starting position

5. Spider Knee to Explosive Push-Up

This exercise works on core strength and stability, as well as upper body explosiveness and power.

  • Start in a strong push-up position
  • Lower down to about an inch or two from the floor
  • Bring one knee out to the side towards your elbow, then back
  • Explode up from the bottom, lowering back down and repeating with the other knee

Remember to avoid using your hips and focus on isolating your upper body during these exercises.

If you are a beginner or not quite at the level to perform these advanced variations, modify the exercises by using an elevated surface like a workout bench or plyometric box.

Give these explosive push-up variations a try and start building that unmatched strength and power in your upper body today!

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