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5-Minute Full Body Warm-Up: Increase Performance & Reduce Injury Risk

Posted by Jay Maryniak on
5-Minute Full Body Warm-Up: Increase Performance & Reduce Injury Risk

Are you tired of injuries and poor performance during workouts?

A proper warm-up is crucial to prepare your body for exercise, decrease the risk of injury, and enhance performance.

In this blog post, we'll go through a 5-minute full body warm-up routine you can do before every workout.

The Warm-up

  1. Walkouts: Start by walking out to a high plank position, bracing your core. Walk back up and stand tall, squeezing your glutes at the top. For a hamstring stretch, keep your legs as straight as possible. You can pick up the pace as you get warmed up.
  2. Spider Lunge T-Frame: From a high plank position, bring your foot up high and outside your hand. Open up your arm as far as possible to work through the thoracic spine. Focus on opening up your hips and groin with each spider lunge.

  3. Stretch Kick to Back Lunge: Standing, swing your leg up straight and step back into a lunge. Switch sides and repeat. Keep your chest tall during the stretch kick and maintain balance. Modify the range of motion as needed.

  4. Superman Lift to Push-Up: Lie down with your chest on the ground, then extend your body fully. Squeeze your glutes and lift your hands. Brace your core and press up into a push-up. Focus on the posterior chain during the Superman lift and chest, shoulders, and core during the push-up.

  5. High Knees: Begin at an easy pace, bringing your knees to hip height while pumping your arms. Gradually increase the pace and finish with a full-on sprint in the last 15 seconds.

With just five minutes, you can effectively warm up your body before workouts.

Take the time to warm up, take care of your body, and ensure you perform at your best.

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