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Easy to Follow Programs for Maximum Results

Follow The Functional PUMP

The Functional PUMP workouts are the exact workouts and splits that I follow. One of the awesome things about it is that you’ll never have to plan another workout again! I do all of the planning for you. Every single Sunday at 9 pm EST, I upload a brand NEW week’s worth of workouts to this section in the app so that you have a structured plan every single day when you walk into the gym. Every single month the workout splits change so you are always getting after new and proven training methods.

These workouts are fast and effective, with each training session being about 45 minutes so you won’t be spending all day in the gym. This program delivers RESULTS!

Easy to Follow Programs for Maximum Results

6-Week Shred

The 6 week SHRED program is a full body, dumbbell and bodyweight program that will put you on the fast track to gaining functional strength, building muscle and shredding that unwanted body fat!

These workouts are fast and effective, with each training session being about 45 minutes so you won’t be spending all day in the gym. This program delivers RESULTS!

Easy to Follow Programs for Maximum Results

The Dumbbell Beast

The Dumbbell BEAST is an 8-week full body program that delivers massive gains using just dumbbells and bodyweight workouts. Build functional strength, build muscle mass and shred body fat with fast effective workouts with minimal equipment. I designed this program for people who don’t have a ton of time to workout and don’t have a ton of equipment but want to see results! Get ready to be put to the test and become a beast!

Programs that deliver results!


This program was just the kickstart I needed to get back on track. The progression week on week was great. First week was the perfect balance of getting the work in without it be too much of a deep end to put you off. But the best thing for me was the community. I'm pretty sure I would have taken a lot of days off if it wasn't for the atmosphere of the group. Everyone is supportive, non-competitive and very honest. The stories and struggles people shared helps you feel like we're all in it together, and the infectious attitude of some members really helped to give that push you needed on your off-days. The food plan and recipes are great. Loads of variety and choice, but best if all....delicious! My taste and palette has definitely changed over the 6 weeks, which is great. I never really felt like I was missing anything which makes it sustainable in the long term. On a personal note, I lost 8lbs which I'm really happy with. I've built up my core strength and stamina, and best of all, have my appetite for exercise back. Thank you Jay!


Hey Jay- first of all I want to thank you for everything you do for your community and that you've helped me a lot both mentally and physically. I'm into sports since I was a kid but when hitting the gym, I used to train the classic way. When I found you, my lifestyle has changes completely. I just finish the program and I'm sooo damn proud and satisfied with my results. You've definitely changed the way I train and it's the best way. Be blessed JTM!


Hi, JT! Just wanted to say THANK YOU. I finished the program and I couldn't be happier with the results! I thought it would only help me recover after the lockdown muscle loss, but I had no idea it would get me in the best shape ever! 


I started following JTM on Instagram, constantly looking at his exercises and duplicating it at the gym. For a guy who has played soccer all his life before rupturing my ACL/Meniscus, I did not know what to do after. Jay’s programs gave me a platform to build muscle, get stronger, leaner and be faster. I have added 7 lbs of muscle and lost about 6% body fat and am pumped with the results!


10 months ago I started training with Jay's programs. This is my 1 year progress/transformation. Jay's programs combined with a diet (6 days a week) and not drinking alcohol anymore has truly been a life changer for me. I haven't felt this good in a long time both mentally and physically. Thanks JTM!


Hey JTM! I wanted to share my 1 year transformation with your programs. So, from 103 kg to 88 kg with great training and discipline regarding food I managed to improve my overall resistance, body strength, and of course the physical appearance changed also. Love what you’re doing. You’re a great inspiration, please never stop, you are great!


The JTM programs are equal parts fun and challenging. They will definitely take your fitness to the next level no matter where you're starting from. I love that the programs incorporate strength training, explosive movements, core and bodyweight workouts that build muscle and burn fat in under 45 min. I really appreciated Jay's thoughtful warmup and cool down sequences that bookend the workouts with intention and mindful movements to promote longevity for athletes like myself who push the limits of what their body can handle. Thanks for kicking my butt Jay! Can't wait to start the next program!

Ben H.

For the past 6 months I've been workin 60 plus hours a week at an investment bank. I was tired, eating poorly, and thought I didn't have time to get a decent workout in after my long work days...Since starting it just over two months ago I have a completely different understanding of what you can accomplish if you work hard enough no little matter how little time or energy you may think you have. This program is different, refreshing, and shows you a different perspective on how to get to the goal you didn’t think you could achieve. Thanks Jay


The 6-week shred pushed me past my limits, but in a good way! I left my comfort zone in the dust and saw a major improvement in myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Jay is a beast and is too generous to share with us his process to get where he is! The JTM fit community that he has built helped me overcome a lot of obstacles along the way by always supporting and encouraging me. Thanks, Jay! will always use what have learned, and I will be completing as many of your programs as I can. My goal is to look like you and have the strength and endurance to match it. The 6-week shred has me well on my way to that goal!

Chris S.

Just finished The Functional Shred and absolutely loved it. My key takeaways were that it brought some much needed intensity back into my workouts, got me focusing on form more than I had been, and got me into the habit of doing proper warmups and cool downs, which no doubt is the reason I remained injury free for the last 8 weeks. Managed to shed some body fat but still maintain my starting weight of 173 Ibs. Maybe onto TFM 1.0...


Loved it!! Did everything it claimed to. More than satisfied! Ty!

Danielle H.

A little over a year ago had shoulder surgery. After surgery I was having a difficult time getting my fire lit again. was a collegiate athlete and avid gym goer before my surgery. I'm on week 5 of TFM 1.0 and I'm hooked. I haven't skipped : day and finally have my fire back. Can't wait to crush 2.0 and 3.0. Thank you Jay!


I can honestly say this is the first workout program I've ever done while following proper nutrition and let me tell you that I absolutely loved it. It taught me to be disciplined and have self control. obviously have a lot more room to grow and learn but I'm looking forward to the journey.


I definitely notice my necklace sitting up higher. Traps and shoulders definitely spruced up!

Totally happy with the results and looking forward to starting with Functional Method 1.0 next week. It was the first program I ever did and I’m excited to go back to it.

Went from 196lbs to 188lbs and felt like I was able to keep muscle mass and and shed some body fat.

Nutrition was key for me and of course all the support from this group.

This challenge was exactly what I needed to boost my training and eating habits. Skillfully designed Jtm_fit.


What's up Jay! just finished up with The Functional Method and I couldn't be happier with the progress I've made. My body fat percentage went from 11% down to 7% while maintaining the same weight. More importantly my mobility improved drastically. I knew it was something that I needed to do but your program helped me hone in on it. Thanks for the killer 8 weeks! Looking forwards to the next one.


Before and after! I really got a lot out of this program! My goal was to get stronger without gaining any weight and I definitely accomplished that! I feel much more powerful and lighter on my feet than did 8 weeks ago. This is the strongest I've ever felt going into ski season. My plan is to keep doing these workouts all winter. Can't thank you enough, Jay!


This was by far the most fun program I've ever done! I had just finished a bulk before I started and I was struggling to lose that last few pounds. This program was not only fun to do but I have gained strength, improved mobility and core strength! I had a C section four years ago and my abs have been the most difficult thing for me to improve do to my lack of strength after the abs are STRONGER now and I finally have a six pack! Very happy with my results!

Kyle C.

Just finished method 1.0, with a few diet changes and 8 weeks of work down 22 lbs. Finished much stronger, but also ended up with better cardio and flexibility! A must do program if your if looking to get motivated and change the way you have been exercising!


I've completed The functional Shred and now I'm on my 7th week of The Functional Method 1.0. My goal was to lose 15 pounds and get under 200 lbs. Here is my journey. I weigh 199 lbs and I'm ready to go into a maintenance phase until I'm ready to go hard again! Thanks JTM FIT! Your programs have kept me motivated longer than any other internet training programs that I've done!


I will be 37 years old at the end of the month and my biggest accomplishment from this program is to have my 17 year old son say to me "Mom, you're such a bad ass and a great role model to me". Throughout this program, I was able to challenge my mind and body to do things didn't know I had in me. I am mentally and physically stronger and learned so much. Love, love, love the workouts!


The Functional SHRED program is complete! The left picture was taken the day l started 8 weeks ago and the pic on the right was taken after the final workout of the program! Changes my diet slightly but nothing extreme. This program tested me physically and mentally! Consistency is the key here! I only missed two of the workouts. Put in the work and you WILL see results! Thanks again Jay! I've never been in such good shape!


I've completed The functional Shred and now I'm on my 7th week of The Functional Method 1.0. My goal was to lose 15 pounds and get under 200 lbs. Here is my journey. I weigh 199 lbs and I'm ready to go into a maintenance phase until I'm ready to go hard again! Thanks JTM FIT! Your programs have kept me motivated longer than any other internet training programs that I've done!


Because the gym's are closed again in Montreal I can't finish Functional Mass and Power but I wanted to share my results after 2 months. My weight stayed the same but my body fat went from 17.6% to 13.5% at 230 pounds. I've never been able to get under 17% until doing this program. Can't wait to finish!


This 6 week program has given me the motivation to start the year off strong and to hone in on my diet. I've followed many of Jay's programs and they always push me to become a better version of myself. His workouts give me the guidance and inspiration to be a badass and the discipline to push myself further. Over the holidays, I didn't have any set goals and lost focus on my diet. The 6 week program was a great jumpstart to get me back on track with my fitness goals. enjoyed it so much that I'm planning on continuing the program for another round and will follow that up with the Functional Shred 2.0 program. I'm looking forward to entering this summer strong and lean as ever! As a cancer survivor, Jay's workouts and diet plans give me confidence that I'm doing my best to follow and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'm grateful that discovered your awesome programs. Thanks so much Jay!


This is totally out of my comfort zone. Not a big social media poster. We did a thing and I'm proud of it. Down 8 pounds over the 6 week challenge. Still have goals I'm looking to work towards but I'm happy with my progress. I really enjoyed the challenge. I was exhausted and I left the gym on a high each day. Exactly what was looking for!

Steve F.

In the beginning of the year I got COVID. I couldn't workout for a few weeks and got into some bad eating habits. I needed a reset, so a got the JTMFIT Kettlebell Shred. I have loved the program!, I have leaned out, increased muscle endurance, improved my kettlebell technique, and I have a stronger core. Thanks for another great program, Jay!

Sandy S.

Hi, My first post ( Before and After) I started the FM1 in April to lose the xtra weight gained after delivering a baby. With a diet plan I lost 6 kg by July. Body fat from 27% to 21%. Now doing FM2 and i like, never trained like this before. From 0 push ups to 10 push ups!


Had a moment of self appreciation and wanted to share with you.

August 2020 had foot surgery (right) then November 2020 (left).... Had a set back and gained some weight...20lbs to be exact.

Since January 2021 , I have been doing your programs, functional Shred (twice), functional mass and power, functional method 2, and functional method 3 (currently on)........also have lost all the extra weight had gained last year.

Did not realize i made this much progress visually too.
Just wanted to share.

Left pic June, right Dec (today)




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