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Best Training I've Done in 10 Years

What an amazing experience the functional method 2.0 has been for me. It is the perfect balance of Athleticism bodybuilding plyometrics and explosiveness all in one coarse. I have Never Being this Linbar strong and Athletic ever in my life.
I use to just do bodybuilding in the gym and that’s it. But I play a high standard of football and the body building was ruining my career. The TFM 2.0 has honestly changed my life for on the field and in the gym too … could not recommend this coarse anymore.

Colly Mcdonald , Dublin Ireland

Best of the Best

This program is as good as it gets. I’ve done a bunch of workout programs through the years, enough to know my way around the gym and keep myself in decent shape. TFM 1.0 and 2.0 blows all of them out of the water. They take your workouts to another level. You get every ounce out of the gym (and yourself) and each week brings a new challenge or some kind of exercise where you’re like—there is no WAY I could do that (and then you do). I looked forward to these workouts; I was so motivated to do them I didn’t miss a day. They’ve changed the way I trained completely, and the results have followed. Kudos to Jay for his creativity and work ethic and creating something truly awesome and life changing. Can’t wait for the next one. Do yourself a favor and take on the challenge! It’s worth every penny.

Ben Fidler

Game On

Bro, this has literally been a game changer. Since college I haven’t been able to sit down and come up with a no shit training plan. I jump around from routine to routine, go back to some old school routines I used to do, try some new stuff, etc. One thing remained consistent: all I cared about was quantity not quality. I thought my movements had quality, but let’s be real, they didn’t because at the end of the day my ego got in the way. I found your plan by happenstance, used the free 3 workouts you offered and by day3 I was buying TFM 1&2. I was blown away at the training plan you put together. The meal plan is amazing too. Since starting this program, I’ve dropped about 20 lbs (didn’t think I had that much to lose), my mind is clearer, and my body is stronger. Oh and did I mention, I did all this through the holiday season and didn’t alter my diet that much.

TFM completely crushed my plateau… I’ll be honest, for the first couple of weeks I thought the workouts weren’t enough and I should be doing more, but I trusted you and TFM and just did exactly what you prescribed. You haven’t steered me wrong. I finally checked my ego and man it payed off. Thanks for the personal accountability!

Christopher Balich

The Functional Method 2.0

This was an excellent Balance of strength, mobility and conditioning all while mixing it up with some fun unique complexes. I’ve done a lot of programs and this one is the best. Thanks or the motivation Jay! Question is, what’s next ? Lol what do I do come Monday ? Lol help.

Dan Tillery


Wonderful, I am a different person in just 16 weeks, I took 1.0 and 2.0, I achieved what I couldn’t achieve in 20 years, I feel like a beast.

Khaled Wazir


Wonderful, I am a different person in just 16 weeks, I took 1.0 and 2.0, I achieved what I couldn’t achieve in 20 years, I feel like a beast.

Khaled Wazir


Just wrapping up 2.0 now, and I can say it was awesome. Lots of different movements that were never part of my workout routine. I definitely feel stronger and better conditioned thanks to the program. Looking forward to 3.0!

Reid Davis

Who Even Needs a Local Personal Trainer?

I was thrilled with TFM 1.0 and this was even better. These programs are challenging, developing and maybe most importantly fun! Can’t wait to access TFM 3.0 Great job, and I look forward to maaaaany more programs to come.

Mattias Vig

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