The programs listed here are some of my best, designed to maximise explosiveness and advanced core strength. Utilising a range of equipment, the programs here typically walk you through 8-12 weeks of next level fitness training from advanced power lifting, to elite levels of bodyweight training through to kettlebell only HIIT style workouts. These workouts cover it all, and will leave you shredded, powerful and itching for more!

The Kettlebell


The Kettlebell Shred is an 8 week, full-body program that uses ONLY kettlebells and bodyweight exercises to build functional strength, lean defined muscle, elite core strength, explosiveness/athleticism, and mobility while torching calories with minimal equipment!

Mass & Power

FMP is our new 12 week program that is designed to pack on serious muscle and strength while also getting you lean and more mobile. We combine traditional power lifts and bodybuilding techniques with different tempos which allows us to maximize muscle and build elite athleticism at the same time.

The Functional
Method 1.0

TFM 1.0 is an 8 week full body training program that utilizes the perfect blend of bodybuilding, functional movements, and explosive exercises to transform your body and functional strength. This program is geared for people who have had 1+ years in the gym and is where we build a rock solid foundation of muscle and strength. If you are serious about moving well and looking good at the same time, then this is the program for you.

The Functional
Method 2.0


TFM 2.0 is an 8 week full body training program that builds off of TFM 1.0. In 2.0 the sets will increase, reps will increase and overall workout volume will increase to take your training to the next level. There are brand new movements and workouts including workout finishers that are going to launch your training to new heights!

The Functional
Method 3.0


TFM 3.0 is an 8 week full body training program that builds off of TFM 2.0. In 3.0 we level up even more with new functional supersets and circuits that are going to build muscle, strength, and next level athleticism! This program also has brand new movements, workouts, and finishers that are going to test you in ways you never have before. If you’re looking to level up every facet of your training then this is for you.

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