Men’s Health – This Unilateral Workout Will Give You Full-Body Gains

Want to bulletproof your body and gain real strength? Join the unilateral-training revolution.

Jay T. Maryniak has gotten used to the stares. They come whenever he does what looks like a plea for Instagram attention, grabbing a loaded barbell, lying on the floor, then standing and hoisting the barbell overhead with one arm. “It doesn’t bug me,” he says.

That’s because Maryniak, a certified trainer (NASM-CPT, CES), knows what he’s doing. He’s venturing into the world of unilateral training. Unilateral exercises engage primarily one side of your body to move resistance. That’s a changeup from classics such as pushups, deadlifts, and military presses. Those moves make you use your body symmetrically, muscles on both the left and right sides holding similar responsibilities.