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7-day SHRED MEAL plan

The 7-day shred meal plan is a 5 -meal-per-day plan, with a male and female version (for calorific purposes) to help you shed body fat, and gain lean muscle in a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable way!


Why the 7-day SHRED plan?

Macro Breakdown

The 7 day shred meal plan includes a guide on how to count your macros (the percentage of proteins, carbs and fats you need in your diet to stay lean), for both men and women. 

Guided Grocery List
For men and Women

Picking the right foods can often be the hardest part of any meal plan. That’s why we have included a full shopping list to easily make sure you can make all the meals & snacks in the plan. 

As calorific content can vary between men and women, the guide includes a complete separate meal plan guide for both men and women, with different calorific breakdowns for each sex. 

Feel Better, Perform Better.

Eating unhealthy foods (and too much of it) will greatly effect your overall health and your performance in and out of the gym in a seriously negative way. You run the risk of getting a slue of diseases and will never perform at the level you want it the gym. You’ll never be able to break past that plateau and take things to new heights. The 7 day shred plan provides you with a detailed guide to make great gains, in a clean, effective and sustainable way.


The JTM FIT 7 day shred meal plan provides you with a structured, clean way of eating for optimal gains. We include cheat meal guidance, hydration tips, the correct oils to use and even a short guide on timing your meals too.

Paired with the Functional Shred program, you will be amazed at the gains you will make! 

MEAL plan



Yes, once you purchase you will have lifetimes access to the plan.

Yes! The plan comes with a completely separate guide for women, based on recommended calorific intake. 

The meal plan is for anyone looking to maximise their muscle size in a long lasting, clean way. The plan can be modified/ customized to fit anyone’s needs.

Once you purchase you will get a email from us with a link to download the meal plan. You can then download it to your phone or computer for easy access.

Train Like Jay Maryniak


Jay T. Maryniak, an inspirational type 1 diabetic and recovering alcoholic, has overcome many challenges in his life. When he got sober back in 2005, fitness was one of the things that took his life in a positive direction. He found purpose through challenging himself and helping other people. He was a personal trainer for over 12 years helping so many make profound changes in their lives.

He eventually founded JTM FIT INC and has created online training programs that have helped thousands of people all over the world make incredible physical and mental transformations. “My mission is to share what I have learned in order to inspire you to rise above your challenges, to rise above your perceived limits, and to rise above anything that’s stopping you from becoming the best possible version of yourself”

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