4 Week Nutrition Plan

Tired of guessing what you need to eat to fuel your body and get the best results possible? I developed this 4 week plan to be tailored to help anyone reach their goals. Grab the plan today and let’s get going!

Why Nutrition Matters

Nutrition First

Having proper nutrition is key in optimizing our health, our physique, and out performance in and outside of the gym. It tends to be the missing link for most people. People often wonder why they can’t seem to take their physique and performance to the next level and it’s almost always because they are lacking in the nutrition department.

No Beating A Bad Diet.

For the most part we CANT out train a bad diet. Yes, there are a select few genetic freaks out there that can get away with eating ice cream every night and stay ripped but most of us cannot. In order to achieve optimal health and get the results we are looking to get you will fall short. Whether you’re trying to get ripped, build mass, or just maintain, you must have a proper nutritional balance in place to get those results.

Feel Better, Perform Better.

Proper nutrition isn’t just about getting that ripped physique either. It goes much further than that. Eating crappy foods and too much of it will greatly effect your overall health and your performance in the gym in a negative way. You run the risk of getting a slue of diseases and will never perform at the level you want it the gym. You’ll never be able to break past that plateau and take things to new heights.

The 4 week plan

The 4 week meal plan comes with 4 weeks of different meals, 1 week of vegetarian/vegan meal options, tons of recipes and detailed instructions on how to use/customize the meal plan to fit your specific goals. This plan is for both men and women.

Reach Your Potential

The JTM FIT 4-Week Plan covers all of your bases. Whether you’re looking to get shredded, build muscle mass, or just maintain an amazing physique all year long, we have you covered. This meal plan comes with detailed instructions on how to use that meal plan and how to customize it to fit your specific goals. Instead of guessing and wasting time trying to figure out what works, use something that is proven. No more fad diets, no more quick fixes, just a proven plan.


Yes, once you purchase you will have lifetimes access to the plan.

This plan is customizable to anyone, so yes, it can work for you as well!

Yes. The 4 week plan comes with a full week of vegetarian / vegan meals and instructions on how swap out foods and customize the 4 week plan. 

The meal plan is for anyone looking to maximize and take their training / physique to the next level. Each plan can be modified/ customized to fit anyone’s needs.

Once you purchase you will get a email from us with a link to download the meal plan. You can then download it to your phone or computer for easy access.

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